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You have the guts.

words and music copyright DK Bridger 2008

You put love in a letter you never send.
I think your time might be better spent
Saving the world, living in the here and now.
That letter to yourself is going to get to you somehow.
Are you so free that you can hold your breath
As you begin to comprehend each one is a little death?

My mind wanders here and there, in and out of dread.
As time grows short and I try hard to understand
We can break free and we are already there.
Is there a single word that remains to be said?

Letís keep it a secret. It burns hotter than the sun.
It hard to say that word when you die for every one.
The stars are painted on. It's in the book. It's been proven.
This word means everything when you say it to the right woman.

We are bound and we are free.
We are cursed and blessed.
The sky is falling down.
Please leave a message.

                                                                           ~ DK Bridger

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