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image by DK Bridger

words and music copyright DK Bridger 2008

Real is what the king says is true.
He says evil is surrounding you.
The lies that come from his heart
Make it easy for you to play your part.

And there you are, driving your big car.
Drive another mile through the smoke and anger.
Before you shed a tear, look away my dear
And drive on, drive on, drive on

Through broken glass and twisted iron,
The smoldering bodies amid the fires,
The smell of burning rubber, the thrill of the kill.
While youíre Cruising through hell in your Coup De Ville

Just grant me this: One more sweet kiss
Just another role with you, my fallen angel
Before you shed a tear, look away my dear
And drive on, drive on, drive on

After all that weíve been through
I'm only speaking when I'm spoken to.
But I hear your words. I know how you feel
And rolling down the street wonít make it real.

Thatís what the king says is true,
But the miracle is surrounding you.
And itís real what you and this king can do,
While the beautiful tapestry comes unglued.

But who cares? All the blank stares
Cannot face the fear, canít deny the danger.
Before you shed a tear, best look away my dear
And drive on, drive on, drive on.

. . . . . . .. . I saw you on the street today.
You didnít know I was looking your way.
You crossed the path of a crazy old man.
Put a twenty dollar bill into his hand.

And there you were in your fake fur,
Holding onto hope, giving to a stranger.
Before you shed a tear, you walked away my dear
And you walked on, walked on, walked on
You walked on, walked on.
You walked on.

                                                                           ~ DK Bridger

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