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image by DK Bridger

Hiway 50
words and music copyright DK Bridger 2008

Goodbye is the saddest word.
No one deserves to hear it from a sister, or have to say it to a brother
Who for love of a King will fight each other
In places where everybodyís screaming,
Even behind closed doors, in madness and when their dreaming.
I know a place where clean water was flowing.
Now itís all gone because everyone was going.

On highway 50 all the cows are roaming free. We throw out the empties.
A steady hand on the wheel, a six pack on the floorboard
And a thousand miles of beer will get you to San Francisco.

Love is a raw nerve. Itís my loaded word.
Is it a bullet that you should be taking?
Knowing what you know, even if youíre mistaken.
In the land of the dead and the land of the living
Love makes good men do more than they are willing.

On highway 50 all the cows are roaming free. Pull over if they get blurry.
Donít fall asleep at the wheel. Remember fillíer up in Eureka.
Keep a steady hand on the wheel and the bottle of tequila.

Goodbye, Iím taking my sad ass.
Goodbye, Iím taking no class.
Iím taking my whiskey and my bad attitude
Straight to bed with a sweet prostitute.
Iím taking my guitar and all of the money,
Laughing so hard that it ainít funny.

                                                                           ~ DK Bridger

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